Concord, New Hampshire

Concord, the state capital of New Hampshire, was once a major railroading center. The south end of the city was full of maintenance shops for locomotive and car repair work, and there was a 19 stall roundhouse. The icon of railroading in Concord was the grand railroad station, which served as the headquarters for the Concord Railroad and the Concord & Montreal Railroad.

A couple blocks off of Main Street was the grand Concord railroad station. Built in 1885 and designed by the legendary Bradford L. Gilbert, who also designed Grand Central Station (predecessor to today's Grand Central Terminal) in New York City. Concord was a busy stop on the railroad, as during 1906 the Boston & Maine Railroad had 32 passenger trains in and out of the station. Inside the railroad had a Concord Coach on display in the waiting room. The stagecoach is now owned by the New Hampshire Historical Society.

The grand terminal was torn down in 1959, making way for a shopping plaza and a smaller passenger station was built a year later of the standard "McGinnis Era" design. Similar stations were also in Dover and Lowell. After passenger service was discontinued to Concord in 1967, the station was converted to a bus station and cab stop.

Passenger service came back, albeit breifly, when a government grant allowed for commuter rail to be tested for two years between Concord and Boston. In 1980, MBTA commuter trains could be found laying over in the Concord freight yard as well as experimental railbuses from England and Budd's new SPV-2000. Due to the grant running out, commuter service ended early in 1981.

Today the grand railroad station is gone, the McGinnis station was torn down in 1998 when the bus station moved to a new facility, the Concord Shops lay in ruin, and not much remains of the massive yards. Rail service in Concord is provided by New England Southern, which interchanges with Pan Am Railways down in Manchester. In addition to freight, New England Southern used to offer tourist train rides north up the Boston, Concord & Montreal line. Today the only passengers moved are those on the caboose train from Tilton when it comes down to Concord.


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